Blog 2: Using Chapter 1 from How Soccer Explains the World… How does nationalism manifest itself through the game in this reading? 

In chapter one of  How Soccer Explains the World, nationalism is manifested through the dedication fans have of their country’s soccer team. Soccer is one of the few sports that can be found all over the globe, so fans have a lot of pride for their country’s soccer team. Each teams wishes to show that they are truly the dominant country by having their soccer team win. Some countries show their dedication more than others. The Serbians are a great example of this. The Red Star Belgrade soccer team is a source of great pride for the Serbians, who take soccer very seriously. Gangs have been established to enforce their nation’s belief that their soccer team is superior over the opposing team. Much like an army is used to intimidate other foreign countries, the gangs are used to intimidate opposing foreign teams. The Ultra Bad Boys are a great example of this. Even though this gang does not use guns, they still use violence to enforce their superiority over the other team’s fans. They are so willing to prove their point that they would dress in the opposing team’s jersey and make friends with their fans. Once the game was over, they would take their new friend and violently abuse them. Also this gang likes to show it nationalism toward its soccer team, by having a “big red tattoos of their gang name on their calves” the same color as their countries soccer team. The Serbs show their nationalism by wearing their nation’s soccer team’s color as well as making gangs that enforce their nation’s dominance through violence.


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