Blog 5: Give a brief explanation of the chapter. (Chapter 6 How Soccer Explains the World)   

Chapter six “How Soccer Explains the Black Carpathians” of How Soccer Explains the World is about Nigerian soccer players who were brought to play for Ukraine’s soccer clubs. Edward Anyakegh and Samson Godwin were both Nigerian soccer players that the Ukraine team Karpaty Lviv purchased to play for them. At the time when Edward Anyakegh and Samson Godwin were bought to play for Karpaty Lviv, Ukraine was going through a phase where Nigerian soccer players were a fad. Teams in Ukraine would have to recruit a Nigerian to play for them to be considered a respectable and powerful team.The Nigerian soccer players face some difficult situations playing on the Ukraine team. Edward and Samson had to deal with racism. Since black people were not a common site in Ukraine, many of the people in Ukraine did not know how to interact with them. They also had to adjust to playing and practicing in polar opposite conditions than what they had grown up playing in. Ukraine weather will fall way below freezing while Nigeria has a lot warmer weather. The two Nigerian soccer players also had to learn and adjust to play soccer in a different way. The Karpaty Lviv play soccer with strategy, force, and long passes. Nigerian soccer players are more free while playing. The Nigerian soccer players use fancy footwork, short passes, and quick thinking. Even though the two players, especially Edward Anyakegh, face difficulties and wish to join a different team, they do not allow the hardships they face stop them from playing the game they love.


Blog 4: What is a Top Hat and how does soccer explain the survival of such? (Chapter 5 How Soccer Explains the World)   

In chapter 5 “How Soccer Explains the Survival of the Top Hats” of How Soccer Explains the World, top hats are sometimes referred to as the Cartolas. Top hats are fraudsters who work for the Brazilian soccer teams. The top hats claim they receive no pay for their contribution to the clubs. They profess that they work for the teams for the sole purpose of supporting their favorite club. The Cartolas put up the caring and selfless facade to cover up that they are stealing the soccer club’s money to pay for their own personal selfish needs and wants. Their scams do not end with them stealing money from their soccer club, but they also use clever tricks to convince people into giving donations to their made up organizations. Top hats are despised and considered untrustworthy by many people in Brazil, but sadly they run and control much of the country due to their influence with the Brazilian soccer clubs. Violence has broken out due to people agreeing and disagreeing about the way the top hats run the Brazilian soccer clubs. The Cartolas have caused corruption to spread all over Brazil. Due to the violence and corruption, Brazilian players are leaving to join any foreign country teams that will take them. Brazilian players will take pays that were less than their pay in Brazil just so they don’t have to go back to the corrupted and violence ridden country. It is sad to think that the players have to leave their home country in order to escape the corruption and violence going on in their country.