Blog 3: What is the main theme of this chapter? (Chapter 2 How Soccer Explains the World)

The main theme of chapter two of How Soccer Explains the World is religious differences. This chapter discusses Franklin Foer’s experiences with two different soccer teams, the Glasgow Rangers Football Club and the Glasgow Celtic Football Club. The Rangers were once a completely Protestant soccer team, but now only the fan base seems to be made out of mostly loyal Britain Protestants. The Celtic fan base on the other hand is mostly an assembly of Irish Catholics. These two teams represent an unfinished fight that has been going on for a long time, the Protestant Reformation. This fight is about the Protestants trying to reform Catholic beliefs. Because of the reformation, the Protestants and Catholics do not get along very well. This is further proven by the gruesome and hate filled chants they shout to one another at soccer games. The dislike for one another does not stop with just the hateful chants but expands to the use of deadly force. This hate does not end at the stadium, but follows many of the fans home. Most fans have to be careful where they go and watch out where they are when wearing a certain color. These two soccer teams’ fans may be able to shout and display their hate for each other any way they like at the safety of the stadium, but once they get home they must be careful on how they express themselves in order not to appear to be a target for the opposing religious group to attack.